Contact Form Spam

Contact Form Spam

As always, I will start by saying I’m not a writer, not an English Language Major, and my punctuation stinks, but I do like to write what I see on the world wide web. Today is Contact Form Spam..ugh.

     How many times have you received spam from your contact form? You’ve tried to use Captcha (now declared dead by Google), reCaptcha, and honeypot, which are not bad, but these only stop bots!  

Form Spam
Contact Form Spam

    My clients have been getting more and more spam offers of services and products from companies using the Contract Form. Humans are starting to fill out the forms with the help of copy/paste for the comment/message field. I don’t know if they are paying someone to sit there and fill out forms all day or if they are so slow, they are doing it themselves. As a small business owner, I know that free marketing is great, but I also understand that those extended Contact Form emails get in the way. They have been built for clients to get a hold of you, not a bunch of spam. You have already lost my business by using my contact form, and now more and more of my clients are having me do things to stop it. I’ve been asked to do to combat Contact Form Spam:

  • Just take the Comment Box off the form. Replace it with a drop-down of my services they would like to discuss. When I call them back, I can answer their questions. The method stopped the spam problem for him. Best of all, he has had no complaints from clients about not having the comment box. (My favorite).
  • Only allow very few characters in my Comment Box. This one will get you smaller emails, but they will still copy and paste a 3,000-word pitch in the comments. At least you cut them off.
  • Just take the form off my site. I’m not too sure about this one. I don’t like to put email addresses on the page (that can get your even more spam) for customers to use for contact. The phone is an essential method of communication. However, not everyone likes to use or be on the phone to find out some general information. I offer texting, which has worked for me, and I have an email button but not my address showing.

    If you are only getting a couple of spam contact forms per week, it may not bother you. If you are getting daily ones, then you may want to rethink your contact methods. There are other ways, ask your web developer if he can custom code, some catchwords/terms (like required fields, you can program words/terms to kick the form from sending). 

    I know businesses will continue to use this, but I wish they would think why a contact form is there! There are many ways to market your business more professionally! Get a great SEO company and get them to rank you ahead of your competitors; this will work better than using the form. Just say no and trash Contact Form Spam.

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